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About us

Tarshid is the National Energy Services Company, established by the Public Investment Fund to catalyze the development of a more energy efficient Saudi Arabia. The launch of Tarshid is a result of a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Finance and the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center. Tarshid aims to be a pioneer in the energy efficiency field and to build towards a more sustainable future. Tarshid has a mandate to develop, fund and manage impactful energy efficiency projects in government and commercial sectors that achieve significant energy savings for the Kingdom.

• Vision

To be the leading energy services company and contribute to sustainability in the Kingdom.

• Mission

  • Serving the Kingdom’s strategic sustainability goals by integrating energy and operational efficiency, and clean energy solutions
  • Stimulating the development of a thriving energy efficiency industry and support the circular carbon economy in the Kingdom

• Objectives

  • Provide sustainable solutions to increase energy efficiency while supporting the circular carbon economy
  • Provide services that would complement energy efficiency solutions offering
  • Support the penetration of clean and renewable energy
  • Provide smart infrastructure solutions for buildings and cities
  • Increase participation of market players in the energy services sector while driving towards localization

Buildings retrofit

Tarshid develops and manage energy retrofit projects for public and private buildings such as ministries headquarters, mosques, schools, hospitals and office towers

Streetlights retrofit

Tarshid develops and delivers fully integrated LED conversion programs to retrofit street lights across the Kingdom and to explore other energy efficiency measures, in coordination with the municipalities, ministries and other development authorities.

Renewable energy

Tarshid develops and promotes supply-side renewable energy solutions, such as rooftop solar PV  to complement building energy efficiency measures

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